Finals Fever hits Salisbury
Date of Event National Indoor Cricket League (NICL): Sat Sep 1, 2018 8:56PM
Elly Donald strikes with the ball for the Croydon Raiders // Getty Images

The Macarthur Raptors from NSW Metro and Seamer Snakes from Western Australia are the top qualifiers in the men’s green and yellow pools respectively, while the Stepney Thunder have all but cemented their place in the women’s grand final ahead of final round games tomorrow morning.


Men’s Yellow Pool


The Toombul Tigers have posted another win on day two of the competition to keep their NICL Finals Series hopes alive. Defeating fellow Queenslanders, the Wildcatz, in convincing fashion, they sat at two wins from three with one round remaining.


Facing ladder leaders Macarthur Raptors later in the evening, the Tigers posted a triple-figure total with the help of Corey Galloway (26 runs) and Rhys Dearness (18 runs) putting on a 41-run partnership.


The Raptors weren’t phased by this total however as they put together pairs scores of 35, 43, 34 and 25 to win with a final total of 137 (3 skins) – 104 (1 skin).


Macarthur also claimed an important win over the Northcote Knights from Victoria, all but knocking the Knights out of contention for the finals on Sunday morning and finishing in top spot, with Toombul taking out second place.


In the final round of the men’s yellow pool, Andrew Boyle was instrumental in the Wildcatz first win of the tournament over Tasmanian side, the Eastern Shore Bombers, scoring 25 runs from his own bat.




Men’s Green Pool


The Raiders and Stars kicked off today’s proceedings in a clash that came right down to the wire. A final ball delivery smacked into the back net for 7 by Andrew Keane took the Raiders from five runs behind to a 2-run victory, also claiming the skin of the final partnership.


The Seamer Snakes stood tall against the South Australian Panthers. After a first pair partnership of just 8 runs, they ramped up their attack to finish the innings with a total of 95 runs. Zach Schwarz (14 runs) and Dion Lucas (14 runs) started the chase off well for the Panthers, but the bowling efforts of Aaron Todd (3 wickets & 0 runs conceded) and Jarrad Daniel (2 wickets & 2 runs conceded) aided the Snakes in restricting their opposition’s total to 56 runs at the end of play.


Ahead of the break in the schedule, the Croydon Raiders looked unstoppable when up against last year’s NICL Men’s runners up, the Seamer Snakes. The Raiders attacking bowling style was one to watch as they restricted the Snakes first pair to a mere 2 runs and looked in control the reminder of the innings, the result favouring the Raiders 91-67 with 2 skins apiece.


Led by Adam Seary (17 runs) and Kean Senarante (4 wickets & -3 runs conceded) led the charge for the Wolves in their victory over the Western Stars, 72-66.


The final round of the evening determined final placings in the men’s green pool. With the Seamer Snakes claiming victory over the Wolves and the bonus points on offer shared 2 apiece, the Seamer Snakes took top honours in the men’s green pool with the Wolves moving to second place.






In what was a day where every skin counted towards final ladder positions, Monash Tigers and Toombul Tigers each put a win on the board and conceded one


However, the Stepney Thunder and Croydon Raiders have moved into a position where they cannot be overtaken from 1st or 2nd on the women’s ladder.


Each now undefeated after the first two days of the NICL Finals Series, they will face one another in their final round match of the women’s division at 8am local time (8:30am AEST) tomorrow, before battling it out in the women’s grand final at midday (12:30pm AEST) later in the day.






Men’s - Green Pool: Croydon Raiders 68 def Wolves 62; Seamer Snakes 95 def Pink Panthers 56; Croydon Raiders 91 def Seamer Snakes 67; Wolves 72 def Western Stars 66; Croydon Raiders 98 def Pink Panthers 35; Seamer Snakes 83 def Wolves 60.


Men’s - Yellow Pool: Toombul Tigers 110 def Wildcatz 69; Macarthur Raptors 97 def Northcote Knights 77; Macarthur Raptors 137 def Toombul Tigers 104; Wildcatz 75 def Eastern Shore Bombers 56.


Women’s: Monash Tigers 111 def Macarthur Raptors 96; Stepney Thunder 145 def Toombul Tigers 19; Toombul Tigers 105 def Monash Tigers 97; Croydon Raiders 87 def Macarthur Raptors 23.



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Author: Vanessa Lewicki